About William Shevchuk

I am an award winning American photographer currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, but I have been lucky enough to have practiced my art in more than 50 countries around the world.  I really found my love of photography when I moved to Miami, Florida as a young adult.  After growing up in and living so many years in New Jersey, which I consider gray and dull, I wasn’t really aware of my surroundings anymore. In Miami, everything was so different, and it really opened my eyes to the world around me, and I was particularly intrigued by what it looked like through a lens. I was amazed by the contrast in ordinary life, and the juxtaposition of subjects and context.

It was then I decided to formally study both photography and later, film/video/tv production. My first ever published photograph was selected as an image for a furniture designer in a Miami based publication. In 2004, on a visit, I fell in love with Nicaragua, its vibrant culture and wonderful people, and I stayed for 8 years, capitalizing on the incredible photographic opportunities that country generously offered. Since then, my photography has gone from strength to strength as I never say no to an opportunity to photojournalism. 

I particularly love wedding and event photography, having shot over 2000 weddings, but have been involved in runway shoots, photographic workshops, product photography, and modeling sessions and I work regularly for magazines and newspapers and online publications. My images have won multiple awards and have been exhibited and published both nationally and internationally. I have been invited as guest judge at photo contests, guest speaker at workshops and I also served as a founding administrator of a photographic cultural group in Nicaragua known as “Flash Addicts-Movimiento Artístico Fotográfico en Nicaragua” where I led its exponential growth, with the purpose of promoting the growth of the art of photography in this rural country.

My work is available for purchase in a variety of mediums; please contact me for details.